The History of the Community Gar

The History of the Community Garage Sale


The Sharon Springs annual Community-wide Garage Sale is generally held the fourth Saturday in July,  with some sales extending into Sunday.  The event has seen over 50 sales throughout the town.  Maps and food are available at the Methodist Church located on Route 20 across from the school.  This event is organized by a core group within the Methodist Church and is fully supported by the church members who help with donations of sale items, baked goods and their time.  It turns into a community event through the support of local businesses and those who register for the sales, without which this event would not happen.

The first community-wide garage sale in Sharon Springs began on July 18th, 1992.  The committee formed to help raise funds for church expenses.  Since that time, in addition to assisting with expenses, the committee has been able to help the church purchase a gas grill, refrigerator for the kitchen, large awning for church events, and given aid to the Steeple Fund, church roof repairs, assistance fund and parsonage repairs.  They also designate a portion of the funds for missions beyond the Church.

Throughout the years, there have been few times when rain created a problem but the loan of a greatly appreciated awning helped ease the weather conditions.  We have since purchased our own canopy and it has been a useful addition to the event.  Many lessons have been learned throughout the years which have helped make the event even better, along with valuable feedback from many people.

We continually try to add something new to the event to set us apart from other sales. We try to keep the focus on garage sales and have resisted the temptation to add distractions such as carnival games, crafts and flea market booths.

Registrants of the garage sales receive a packet containing a number sign, flag, garage sale signs and balloons to help draw browsers to their sale.  Maps are produced for the browsers that list the number of each sale location, items offered and time each sale ends.  The church lawn is also offered for those who feel their location is too remote or who decide to have a sale at the last minute.  The church also sponsors its own lawn sale.  Sales are not located just in the village but extend several miles from the church site, making it a large community event. 

As much of the funds acquired from registration donations are channeled towards advertising and printing, the church offers food for sale during the event, which is the major fund raiser for the church.  Along with hot dogs, hamburgers, sausage & pepper sandwiches and drinks, home-made chili and baked goods are offered.  

The event benefits the Sharon Springs community by providing a large group of sales at one time, enabling those who are not located on a major highway the ability to have a successful sale.  Many of the local businesses profit from the many visitors during the day.  With fuel at a premium, browsers can stretch their gas dollars by planning a day visiting many garage sales in a concentrated area, and the variety of items for sale is tremendous. 

The Sharon Springs United Methodist Church holds regular church services every Sunday at 11:00am.   The church is home to the local food pantry, One Wonderful Wednesday, and Vacation Bible School.  The church also sponsors rummage sales twice a year.  For more information, contact us at 518.284.2200 or

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Registrant Information

Registrations for sales within the Sharon Springs area are available through July 18th for inclusion on the map; however registrations are accepted through the day of the sale.  A donation of $10.00 includes:

 > number sign
 > inclusion on the map (if submitted prior to date above)
 > two Garage Sale signs to mark your sale
 > orange flag
 > sign directing your browsers to the church for refreshments and maps

You may register by:

 > completing the registration form and mailing it to the address noted

or by

 > attending several registration events

Registration Events are held at the Church and are scheduled for:

 >  Tuesday, May 22nd, 7-8 PM

 >  Tuesday, June 19th, 7-8 PM

 >  Monday - Thursday, June 25th-28th, 1-2 PM

 >  Tuesday, July 17th, 7-8 PM

And at the Sharon Springs Library on Route 10:

 >  Saturday, July 14th, 10-2 PM

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Browser Information

Registered sales are listed on the map available at the Methodist Church on Route 20 in Sharon Springs beginning at 8:00 am on Saturday morning. 

Each sale is marked with a number sign correlating to the map, an orange flag and orange Garage Sale signs. 

The map includes the location of the sales on a map and a written address, some of the items offered for sale and the ending time of the sale.  Some locations offer a Sunday sale and that is indicated on the map. 

Food is available at the Church for a small donation which helps the church raise funds.  Items include hot dogs, hamburgers, sausage & peppers, chili, cold drinks, coffee, and baked goods.

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(GPS location)
511 Highway Route 20, Sharon Springs, NY

Begin your day by picking up a map at the Sharon Springs Methodist Church located on Route 20 just west of the intersection of Routes 20 and 10, across the street from the Sharon Springs School. 

Click on the link below to enter your starting location for directions:

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